Kentz – What They Do Finding oil is one thing but getting it out of the ground and transforming it into a consumable form is a whole – highly technical and expensive – other thing. This is where Kentz steps in; doing its engineering thing for a blue chip client base in the world’s energy(…)

AIM Soiree Redesign

Things are about to get a little messy over at AIM Soiree as we bring the design kicking and screaming into 2014. Gone are the kitschy graphics – with the exception of a small homage or two – to be replaced with some funky new colours and lines. And with them, a little new functionality.(…)


4imprint Group – What They Do You’ve probably all visited a trade show or two in your time; be it a boat show, a home show or maybe a travel fair. And whilst moseying about the various exhibits and displays you’ve no doubt been accosted by an overly-friendly salesperson doing their bit. It’s to be(…)

Foxtons Group

Foxtons Group – What They Do If you live anywhere near London, you’ll know exactly who Foxtons are, what they do…….and, er, how they get around the city. For those of you who reside outside the capital, I’ll expand. Foxtons sells and rents residential property in London and Surrey. They’re real estate agents operating in(…)